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Please read the information and TOS page. Contact me for any questions you may have.

Discord: Nyanlin#5189 | [email protected]



colored sketch$25$30$40
fully colored$40$50$65
full + animation$50$70$95

Pricing per character. Additional ones follow the same pricing guide.Style of animation: League of Legends login screens. Idle animations such as breathing cycles, moving hair, eye movement, and blinking.

alt versions/simple animation frames

alt posing$2-4$4-7$7-10
facial expression$3$5$7
nude versionfree$0-3$3-5
alt colorsfreefreefree

Pricing per each additional version/frame. Significant changes in each version will be priced closer to a second character. Facial expression changes may be included with alt posing.



Multiple badges will only have small details added/color changed. If you're looking for different designs for each badge, please refer to the emote pricing.

Live2D vtuber model

only art$85$105$130
only rig$135$155$180
art + rig$210$250$300

Complex custom designs will have additional costs.

pricing notes

Listed prices are in USD.Prices may vary depending on complexity or added elements: armor, detailed patterns (lace), props (e.g. weapons), mechanical parts. Here's a rough example of prices that may be added.

typesketchcolored sketchfully colored
detailed weapon/armor$5$7$10

Plain color, pattern or gradient backgrounds are free, if none is specified a plain color background will be added. You may request a transparent .png file with only the character. Scenery backgrounds will have an additional cost.

Discord: Nyanlin#5189 | [email protected]

info + tos

usage of commission

  • Commissions are for personal use only. Commercial use must be discussed with me before-hand.

  • Using the emotes on Twitch/Discord is allowed. Selling merch of it, is not.

  • You may post the commission on your own social media as long as you give proper credit: tagging @yilinzc or explicitly stating my username "yilinzc" in the caption, not in the comments.

  • I have the rights to post the finished commission and use it in my portfolio. If you specifically do not wish to see your commission posted, you may let me know.


  • I will not draw any hateful content (racism, transphobia, homophobia, etc.) or heavily controversial topics. This goes by my own criteria, as I've said, I may reject your commission.

  • NSFW and suggestive are ok as long as there's no direct contact such as intercourse.

  • Mechas and detailed patterns may be done.

  • I don't draw anthro furry characters, but can do feral.


  • There's a queue/waitlist page, please take a look at it before commissioning.

  • I may reject your commission, only pay after I've accepted it.

  • Full payment first, in USD and through PayPal. I can do half-half payments for commissions over $200.

  • I will not do full refunds once I have started on your commission. I will refund the remaining value of the commission. For example, if I have completed a sketch, you will pay the price of the sketch, receive the sketch, and the rest will be refunded.

  • The commission should take no more than 3 weeks (2 months for Live2D vtuber models) after receiving payment to complete, usually 1-2 weeks. I will give updates if there are delays and may ask for feedback. Updates and progress pictures may be requested.

  • If you'd like any changes, please let me know as soon as possible, as it'll be easier to change. Requesting significant changes may result in additional costs.

Discord: Nyanlin#5189 | [email protected]


I may be working on other commissions atm. Contact me to be put on the waitlist if you're still interested.Last updated: 07/May/2022ETA for new commissions: 3 weeks.

In progress: 9x emote, 2x animated emote (0/11).In queue: 3x animated emote.Tentative Waitlist: 1x full-body.

Discord: Nyanlin#5189 | [email protected]



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Discord: Nyanlin#5189 | [email protected]