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Please read the information and TOS page before commissioning! Contact me for any questions you may have.

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prices & examples

[email protected] | Discord: nyanlin | @yilinzc

character illustration

colored sketch$25$30$40
fully colored$40$50$65
full + animation$55$70$95

chibi + animation$20$35$55

Pricing per character. Additional ones follow the same pricing guide.The style of animation is similar to League of Legends login screens, and done in Live2D. They include subtle idle animations such as breathing cycles, moving hair, eye movement, and blinking.

alt versions / simple animation frames

alt posing$2 - $4$4 - $7$7 - $10
facial expression$3$5$7
nude versionfree$0 - $3$12 - $20
alt colorsfreefreefree

Pricing per each additional version/frame.Alternative posing means changing the position of a single limb, for example.Significant changes in each version will be priced closer to a second character. Slight facial expression changes may be included with alt posing.


typesketchcolored sketchfully colored
detailed weapon/armor$5$7$10
background*$2 - $5$7 - $15$15+

Plain color, pattern or gradient backgrounds are free, if none is specified a plain color background will be added. You may request a transparent .png file with only the character, or a cropped version of it. Scene or landscape backgrounds* will have an additional cost.

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emotes and twitch badges


Multiple badges will only have small details added/color changed. If you're looking for different designs for each badge, please refer to the emote pricing.Animated emotes may be hand-drawn animations, animated in Live2D or a combination of both.

[email protected] | Discord: nyanlin | @yilinzc

live2D models

only art*$85$105$130
only rig$135$155$180
art + rig$210$250$300

Please provide references for color palette, clothing and hairstyle (optional: artstyle and animations). Complex custom designs will have additional costs.Emote animation not available, physics included.*.psd file ready for rigging. All character art elements separated in layers.

[email protected] | Discord: nyanlin | @yilinzc

information & TOS

usage of commission

  • Commissions are for personal use. Commercial use must be discussed with me before-hand. Exception being using the emotes on Twitch/Discord, this is allowed. Selling merch of it, is not, unless commercial use was discussed.

  • You may post the commission on your own social media as long as you give proper credit: tagging @yilinzc, linking this website (https://yilinzc.carrd.co/) or explicitly stating my username "yilinzc" in the caption, not in the comments.

  • I have the rights to work on your commission on stream and post the finished commission and use it in my portfolio, as well as this website. If you specifically do not wish to see your commission's process streamed or final product posted on social media, you must let me know.


  • I will not draw any hateful content (racism, transphobia, homophobia, etc.) or heavily controversial topics. This goes by my own criteria, I may reject your commission, for other reasons too.

  • NSFW and suggestive are ok as long as there's no direct contact such as intercourse.

  • Mechas and detailed patterns may be done.

  • I don't draw anthro furry characters, but can do feral characters.

  • My main work is in character illustration. I may do other types of art, but keep in mind I do not specialize in other areas such as video game assets, pure background/landscape art, or logo design.


  • There's a queue/waitlist page, please take a look at it before commissioning.

  • I may reject your commission, only pay after I've accepted it.

  • Full payment first, in USD and through PayPal or Ko-fi, if the commission type is listed on that website. I can do half-half payments for commissions over $200.

  • I will not do full refunds once I have started on your commission. I will refund the remaining value of the commission. For example, if I have completed a sketch, you will pay the price of the sketch, receive the sketch, and the rest will be refunded.

  • These art commissions are digital goods only. No physical product will be made or delivered. Please let me know if you'd like to put the commission on personal items yourself, such as notebook covers.

  • The commission should take no more than 3 weeks (2 months for Live2D vtuber models) after receiving payment, IF THERE'S NO OTHER COMMISSIONS IN QUEUE yet to complete. I will give updates if there are delays and may ask for feedback. Updates and progress pictures may be requested.

  • If you'd like any changes, please let me know as soon as possible, as it'll be easier to change. Requesting significant changes may result in additional costs.

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about & links

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